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The long awaited KM SERIES are now available for purchase.

Why "KM" you ask?

Back in early spring of 2017, good friend Glenn McDonald asked me if I had any plans to introduce any fluted Indiana blade baits and I replied, " why yes, just so happens I have something in the works." Why do you ask? Glenn responded, "Well Paul, as you know my wife Kyla has working very hard these past number of years  running the infamous Bobby's Sport Shop, raising our family, hardcore musky hunting and guiding to the point where the people at St. Croix Rods recognized her hard work and dedication to the sport of fishing that she became the 2nd ever female angler to become a St. Croix pro staffer. She also has mentioned many times her love of fluted Indiana bucktails. I would love to find someone to develop a unique series of fluted inlines with her name on them as a big thank you for everything she has done for fishing, me and the girls!"

I immediately responded, "I'm that person!" The next few months we secretly plotted the creation of these unique new baits behind Kyla's back. She had no idea until Glenn unveiled the prototypes I had sent them to field test.

The KM SERIES was born! 

Pictured here is Kyla's first ever KM fish. What a great introduction to an amazing new, easy to use bait!                                                       

KM ATTITUDE - dbl fluted mag 8 Indiana blade bait for use anytime of the year.

KM KRUSH - single fluted mag 8 Indiana blade bait for those hard to get muskies, before, during and after cold front conditions.

Kyla McDonald, everyone at PDeez would like to recognize your hard work and dedication the sport of fishing, the amazing job you do at Bobby's and at home by placing your name on these amazing new easy to use baits! Congratulations!

Due to Glenn McDonald's thoughtfulness we would like to nominate him for the husband of the year award!




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