pdeez musky inlines



  • 12" in length
  • .062 stainless steel wire shaft
  • 2 #10 .025 magnum blades
  • 3 custom hand tyed sealed double wall salt water flashabou skirts
  • 3 premium 7/O mustad treble hooks
  • #8 clevises
  • 120lb extra heavy stainless steel split rings
  • 5oz
  • NO JAM FLASH..........flashabou will never jam in treble(s) with original hooks. This translates into a flawlessly performing inline resulting in better hook-ups & more fish in the bag
  • Blades instantly engage once the bait starts to move!

Uhhhh.......yeah, size really does matter, especially in the fall! Slow throw or troll this GIANT lure when the water temps dip....hehe! The flare/pulse pattern on this bait is unlike anything we've ever seen in a flashabou bucktail and the additional hook definitely increases the amount of fish coming to the bag! Although most musky angler's prefer to troll this large, heavy bait, due to PDeez technology it is surprisingly easy to retrieve when cast and the blades instantly engage once the bait starts to move!


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Most colour options illustrated are BIG TENS, however, will be replaced with actual baits over time. 

Periodical updates will reflect new additions.

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