pdeez musky inlines

It's been 80+ days since our last post?

Building a ton of baits for a ton of NEW PDeez customers!

THANK YOU all for your awesome support of our products!

We have a lot of reports to do from this past season, so we will start with my good friend and hunting partner, COOL HAND LUC!!!!!

You see Luc has boated only 13 muskies this past season, however, 4 of them being 50+ inches! According to Muskies Canada Ottawa Chapter, the average musky angler will boat 19 muskies to every 50+ inch fish they get? Luc's average this year has been 1 in 3.....WOW!!!

Eleven of the thirteen and three of the four 50+ giants have come on PDeez Musky Inlines! Congratulations my dear friend!

The season is not yet done, however, the bucktail bite will soon be over.......boohoohoo! It's now time to troll big cranks and cast dawgs/glides!

Here are Luc's 3 PDeez giants from 2014!


Written by paul didaskalou —

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