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THE POWER OF THE BELL- story behind the "Jay Morrison" BELL SERIES

Jay and I first crossed path's in 2013. He had purchased some of our baits from a little tackle shop in Stittsville ON called "Bits N Baits" (now closed) and needed some custom patterns. A new friendship was spawned.

As it turned out Jay has a brilliant musky mind and a passion for building some incredible 16" jointed deep diving crankbaits. On the maiden voyage of the first one he built bagged him a 57" Georgian Bay giant! Once he told me about it and showed me the picture of that monster, naturally, I needed to get my hands on a couple so in 2014 I offered up some of the newly released LSG MISSILES in exchange for a few. 

That season Jay lit up the Ottawa River catching the first ever 50+ musky on this hot new bait which turned out to be his first 50+ Ottawa River fish. This was just the beginning. By the end of the season he had caught almost as many musky as the guides were catching with 50 fish alone on one LSG MISSILE. At that point he declared to me that this bait has now become his all time favourite bucktail! 

In 2015 Jay started guiding part time and was looking to up his game even more. The wheels of a brilliant mind never stop turning! He wondered what it would be like to combine the power of a BELL with PDeez engineering? He rebuilt one of his LSG's and BIG TENS strategically adding a BELL where the lure body used to be. Moving forward Jay only used these "BELLS" when casting bucktails which was about 90% of the time. Jays outings mainly consisted of 3 to 5 fish days that season bagging fish of all sizes, however, more were predominantly larger fish with some giants in the mix. Quietly he was garnering legendary status among us that knew him or knew of him. He was out fishing everyone else on the river! Was it the addition of the BELL or coincidence? I was skeptical at first? Was it his musky smarts or the fact we all know a "HOT" musky will smash any bait in it's presence as long as it sounds and looks eatable. Time would tell the story.

According to Jay, all bells are not created equal. Fortunately, he was able to source the "right sounding" one, however, he believes that the right sounding bell was only responsible for 50% of his success. Early on in using our baits he discovered that our bucktails all make a distinct sound unlike any other bucktail, therefore, believing PDeez engineering is responsible for the other 50% of the his success on these exciting new baits! Together they were unbeatable for him!

My skepticism changed one fateful day in 2016. Jay and I were hunting the same area. Two hunters in my boat and Jay was hunting solo. We were in and out of each others spots, before and after each other throughout the day. We were using regular PDeez and he was only chucking BELLS. We didn't see a fish all day and he boated 5! That sealed the deal for me. I was not a skeptic any longer! Our baits are fish catching machines as everyone that uses them can attest to that, however, on this day it took that something extra to make them eat! We both believe that the unique sound created by these hot new baits trigger neutral musky into feeding. Two weeks after that day Jay and I were both fishing solo in different areas. I couldn't even move one and he bagged the longest musky ever caught on a PDeez...... the JM BELL LSG MISSILE prototype......this 58" monster pictured here ate on the 8!

Jay, we are ever grateful for your brilliance! Not only did you create an amazing bait, it led to an expansion of the complete PDeez line up! We are very proud and honoured in working with you in bringing these amazing hot new baits to fruition!

Thank you Jay!

PLUS: To compliment the official launch of the "Jay Morison" BELL SERIES we are also introducing the first ever flashabou BELL SPINNERBAITS (casting & trolling).


PS- here are more pictures of Jay's monster BELL muskies over the past couple of seasons!




Pro Staff Appointees

It is with great pleasure to announce the appointment of Kyla and Glenn McDonald of Vermilion Bay ON CAN to the PDeez pro staff team!

This is definitely one of my proudest moments since the inception of PDeez Musky Inlines because of my deep rooted history in the Vermilion Bay area. 

Our story goes,

Growing up in Northwestern Ontario, one naturally learns to fish early on. This was no different for Glenn and Kyla McDonald. With a love of fishing, and the outdoors bringing them together in 2008, they’ve never looked back.

 Kyla’s father Harry and brothers, Jeff and Ryan are avid and accomplished musky fisherman. They brought the early passion of hunting musky to Glenn and Kyla. Fishing the hallowed waters on Long Legged/Stork Lake, and eventually guiding on the same water, their passion grew.

Living in quiet Vermilion Bay, Ontario on the shores of world renowned Eagle Lake, with world class musky lakes in every direction, there’s no shortage of water to keep them busy.

Kyla is manager of Bobby’s Sport Shop, and directly works with all the suppliers to stay on top of the newest trends in gear and tackle.  The pair work behind the scenes, and occasionally on camera with TV personalities and print media.  Glenn and Kyla recently started Buck-Tails Hunting and Fishing guide service and work with area camps to guide whenever possible to help promote all the local camps and businesses.

A chance phone call with me in late 2016 led to the introduction of the LLL TORPEDO in the spring of 2017 and the newest collaboration is the brand new KM Series of baits just recently launched. After spending the entire 2017 musky season running PDeez exclusively plus field testing the KM prototypes and the exclusive to only Bobby's Sport Shop triple bladed TORNADO, Kyla and Glenn have made a commitment to PDeez . While the pair is already connected with other companies in the musky industry this will solidify PDeez with Kyla and Glenn within the musky community, especially in the Northwestern Ontario region.

Looking forward to a bright future together, Kyla and Glenn hope to work alongside PDeez by bringing new anglers into musky fishing, developing easier to use baits for younger and older anglers plus refining proven baits for the hard-core enthusiast. The pursuit of muskies will never end!

Kyla and Glenn, everyone at PDeez is honoured to have you join our team!

Welcome to the family!


If anyone is interested in contacting either Kyla or Glenn for either guided musky hunts, product availability at Bobby's Sport Shop or any other reason, they can both be reached at the following coordinates: 






Written by Paul Didaskalou —

50+ 2nd cast of the day!

Pro staffer Glenn McDonald at Clarkes Northern Lights Resort on Cedar Lake in Northwestern Ontario bags a 50.25 on his 2nd cast to start the day. Gave his girls in the boat and the people on the dock a good show! She ate a custom pattern LSG MISSILE. 

Way to go Glenn!

They're Here!

The long awaited KM SERIES are now available for purchase.

Why "KM" you ask?

Back in early spring of 2017, good friend Glenn McDonald asked me if I had any plans to introduce any fluted Indiana blade baits and I replied, " why yes, just so happens I have something in the works." Why do you ask? Glenn responded, "Well Paul, as you know my wife Kyla has working very hard these past number of years  running the infamous Bobby's Sport Shop, raising our family, hardcore musky hunting and guiding to the point where the people at St. Croix Rods recognized her hard work and dedication to the sport of fishing that she became the 2nd ever female angler to become a St. Croix pro staffer. She also has mentioned many times her love of fluted Indiana bucktails. I would love to find someone to develop a unique series of fluted inlines with her name on them as a big thank you for everything she has done for fishing, me and the girls!"

I immediately responded, "I'm that person!" The next few months we secretly plotted the creation of these unique new baits behind Kyla's back. She had no idea until Glenn unveiled the prototypes I had sent them to field test.

The KM SERIES was born! 

Pictured here is Kyla's first ever KM fish. What a great introduction to an amazing new, easy to use bait!                                                       

KM ATTITUDE - dbl fluted mag 8 Indiana blade bait for use anytime of the year.

KM KRUSH - single fluted mag 8 Indiana blade bait for those hard to get muskies, before, during and after cold front conditions.

Kyla McDonald, everyone at PDeez would like to recognize your hard work and dedication the sport of fishing, the amazing job you do at Bobby's and at home by placing your name on these amazing new easy to use baits! Congratulations!

Due to Glenn McDonald's thoughtfulness we would like to nominate him for the husband of the year award!




Written by Paul Didaskalou —

NEW Product Launch Delay

Due to the delay in the manufacturing of some parts for our New for 2018 "KM series" and Jay Morrison "BELL series" the launch dates have been pushed back to June and July respectively.

We apologize for this inconvenience. 

Thank you,


Written by Paul Didaskalou —

New product launch 2018

We would like to announce the launch of 2 amazing new series of baits for 2018!

April - KM FLUTED SERIES: ATTITUDE (dbl blades)

                                               KRUSH      (single blade) 

June- "Jay Morrison" BELL SERIES

All details will be provided at product launch, however, here is a video of many different KM SERIES prototypes. Video and music provided by Glenn McDonald.

Wishing everyone a great 2018 musky hunt!

Late October Giant

Is it time to hang up Blades?

Not according to PDeez pro staffer Andy Pappas who recently caught this 54.5" monster casting an "Andy Pappas Special" (modified harley pattern with hex mag 9's) WIND WARRIOR!

Andy, owner/operator at www.viciousfishes.ca is one of south central Ontario's premier guiding services specializing in giant musky from Georgian Bay up to the French River system.

If you are looking to hook into one of these magnificent creatures on these bodies of water with an amazing guide and person, please don't hesitate to contact Andy via the link provided!

Awesome fish Andy! Way to go!

New Product for 2017

NEW for 2017:


Inspired by "Long Legged Lake" musky hunters Glenn and Kyla McDonald of the infamous Bobby's Sport Shop in Vermilion Bay Ontario, Canada. Specifically designed for early season musky in the cooler waters of North West Ontario and all avid musky/northern pike anglers everywhere!

You can see all the specs in the catalog.





We are proud to announce our latest pro staff appointee:


Jonathan has been fishing ever since he was two years of age and developed an extreme passion for it. Over the past twenty years he has become a very accomplished multi-species angler with a severe addiction to musky hunting! As a prominent angler and guide in and around the Montreal area he has been accredited with more than 1000 muskies in the boat for himself and guests with at least 200 over that magic 50" mark. However, the hunt never stops in the hopes of shattering his clients and own personal bests.

 Jonathan is a huge proponent of catch and release of all species and educates his friends and guests to ensure survival of the resource for generations to come. As a guide he has had the opportunity to participate in several Quebec television shows such as Chassomaniak and Quebec Vacances Nature, along with informational videos for the Federation Quebecoises des Chasseurs et Pecheurs. 

 Jonathan is a proud pro staffer for Fray n' Release, St. Croix Rods and is now the laest addition to the PDeez pro staff family!

Jonathan, welcome to the team! Everyone at PDeez Musky Inlines is honoured to have you. Thank you!

 If anyone is interested in getting out on some of the most amazing musky waters in the world, please contact Jonathan at Les excursions MUSKY Sessions or www.muskysessions.com/ to book that musky hunt of a lifetime!

Entering the 50+ club in style!

Chris enters the 50+ club in style!

Christopher Land from Minnesota decided to spend part of this past July's full moon phase at Mooosehorn Lodge hunting Lac Seul with good friend and guide extraordinaire Ben Beattie. Best decision ever!

You see, not only did Chris enter the 50+ club once during his 4 days of Lac Seul musky madness, he did it twice with an almost identical twin with the same new DOWNSIZER HD which took 7 of the 10 muskies boated throughout the trip! WOW!

Chris, everyone at www.pdeezmuskyinlines.com would like to sincerely welcome you into the club!

Congratulations, welcome to the 50+ club!!!!!