pdeez musky inlines


pdeezmuskyinlines.com was created near the shores of the Ottawa River in Ottawa Ontario Canada.

My first targeted musky came off a double header trolling the upper Ottawa with my new musky frat in 2007. What an introduction to musky fishing! I was instantly hooked and hardcore by the end of the following year! Trolling dominated most of the time on the water back then. I started experimenting in tying bucktail during the 2009 season to replace the hair on my chewed trolling spinnerbaits. At that time a good friend had asked me if I could dress a bare musky sized spinnerbait head that was given to him, hence "mangala" the pattern that started it all was born! By the end of that season the only other "mangala" spinnerbait I made was the top producer in my boat.

By the start of the 2010 season I had become very good friends with a local gentlemen who just happens to build the greatest musky spinnerbaits...ever! He kindly gave me one of his most exquisite creations, the bare head of his famous 14 inch style trolling bait to build my special pattern on. During the lures maiden run and being on only for a minute the drag starts screaming, a 53 inch beauty! Forty two fish were caught & released that season. Eleven came on mangala. Top five on that pattern was a 53,50.5, 50, 49 & 45 inches respectively.                        

By the end of that season I had transitioned to more casting with my introduction to the double ten inline craze taking the musky world by storm! During that winter I taught myself how to tie flashabou bodies because I now wanted to replicate my "mangala" pattern into a BIG TEN style inline bucktail. Along the way I became very creative in putting other successful patterns together and just as importantly offering a cheaper alternative in acquiring these baits for myself & my small musky fraternity. All of a sudden everyone using my lures including myself are landing plenty of fish with new personal bests and many 50 inches or better.

As great as these new lures were I kept hearing the same few criticisms about them & even developed some of my own. One day on the water my buddy & I contacted 5 fish while trolling these lures down a long weed line. We boated 2 of the 5. We happened to notice that when we brought the lure into the boat after each miss some of the flashabou material was wedged in between the trebles on the top hook.......hmmm. Were these misses a result of this? Possibly? Moving forward I paid close attention to the lure by checking it after each miss thereafter. Needless to say this was an ongoing occurrence. 

Now it was time to get innovative. I became obsessed with the notion of making these lures perform flawlessly, if I could? The result of all the time and research has led us to where we are today, with premium quality products that can take a pounding by any giant, blades that instantly engage on the start of the retrieve, less wear on the flashabou by it's hardware and most importantly an industry 1st.... NO JAM FLASH..........a process that does not allow the flashabou material to wedge in between the treble(s) resulting in a flawlessly performing inline bucktail! 

Due to the proven success of our lures and positive feedback by everyone involved pdeezmuskyinlines.com would like the rest of the musky world to experience the ease of pulling any one of our bucktails!


We fully back the quality & workmanship of our products 100%.

Can't wait to see the pictures & hear all the stories about your PDeez experience(s).



Paul Didaskalou