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Research & product development is a very important ongoing process at pdeezmuskyinlines.com.

Our commitment to you is verifying the validity of the patterns we sell. Will they catch big musky or do they just look pretty?

Three new stars are born for 2013......so far!

black/hex nkl & lite phaze/hex nkl have been producing numbers of fish so far this year with some decent sizes up to 49". Although we have not surpassed the 50" mark with them yet, we know that musky really like them so it's just a matter of right place at the right time. One of the most important factors when it comes to muskie fishing is confidence in lure choice! 

Lazer flashabou is a brand new product that came out late last year. In our catalog you will see a few proven patterns replicated with this new material, eg. mangala & lazer mangi.  

I'm very happy to report that the 1st fish caught & released on "lazer mangi" BIG TEN happens to be this 54.5" x 22.5" giant pictured below!


For dark water I recommend red blades. For clear water either copper blades, nkl blades or a combination of both!  Fourth choice for this pattern would be blk nkl blades for dark or clear water.





Written by Paul Didaskalou —



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March 19, 2021

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