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The Perfect Blades for Muskies
Any musky waters anywhere ON
Aug. 16, 2013 5:36pm
Reel Used: Shimano Tranx HG; Shimano Calcutta 400
Rod Used: GLoomis MUR 965 X Heavy
Line Used: Power Pro 65 and 80
Bait Used: PDeez In Lines
If you're a musky angler, you need to read this. Why? Because I've finally found the ultimate twin 10 in line. It's called the PDeez and to date, I have found absolutely no flaws in its design or performance. In fact, I'm blown away by this product. 

PDeez is the brainchild of an Ottawa musky lover, Paul Didaskalou. Like many musky anglers, Paul got tired of using other in-lines that, while good or very good, had some deficiencies. So, he decided to make his own by tweaking here and re-engineering there. It worked. 

Here are a couple of unique features about the PDeez. Most important, a PDeez never experiences "flash jam". Flash jam occurs when the flashaboo skirt gets wrapped around the front treble on the bait. When this happens, the treble no longer swings freely. Hook-ups are compromised, something that no musky chaser wants. It's tough enough putting muskies in the net without missing catchable fish. 

Another critical improvement in performance is the elimination of what I call, "dead blades". Many in-lines on the market hit the water and experience a 2-3 second delay at the start of the retrieve before the blades start to turn. If you've fished muskies for a few years, you know that up to a quarter of strikes happen during the first three feet of the retrieve. The "dead blade" syndrome equates to a lot less hook-ups over a year. What Paul has done is redistributed the weight of his in-lines with some simple but effective additions. First, the larger-than-normal beads on the shaft are situated an 1/8 of an inch further up the shaft. Each clevis is hand tuned BEFORE assembly. A heavy duty split ring is used to affix the front treble securely. Individually, these improvements might not make a difference. Collectively they do. 

Throwing twin 10s can be brutally tough work. Somehow, Paul's product is less physically demanding. There is less drag and less vibration on the retrieve. Over the course of a day (and especially the day after!) , you'll appreciate this....a lot.

Enough "technical" talk about PDeez.. The bottom line is they trigger fish. The first time I used one of Paul's baits was last week. On my second cast, my in-line was crushed by a 47 inch fish. I also nailed a chunky 48 and a couple of low to mid-40s fish on this product. I was sold, to the point that I bought 11 more baits. Undoubtedly, even more will end up in my tackle trays.

I realize this might sound like an on-line infomercial. It's not. I am not on the PDeez Pro Staff and I'm not getting a whack of free product. I am simply impressed with these stellar baits and want to get the message out about them.. 

Check out www.pdeezmuskyinlines.com to learn more about the PDeez.. The array of colour patterns is awesome and custom made baits can be ordered. Compare the price point to other quality in-lines. Talk about value for money!!


Written by Paul Didaskalou —

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