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About Huskie Muskie Leaders:

Huskie Muskie Leaders is wholly owned by myself, Bill Fuller, and is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

As a member of Muskies Canada, I am a firm believer of catch and release.  The way we handle muskies and the equipment we use are important in ensuring live releases.  As a result, I have come to realize that good strong leaders are as essential as a good landing net and the proper tools for releasing a fish once caught.  We pay good money for our lures and do not leave them on an underwater obstruction, or heaven forbid in the mouth of a muskie, because the weak link was a leader.

About ten years ago I was unable to find any quality leaders in the Ottawa area.  As a result I began researching and experimenting with different materials and leader building methods.  Most of the really good information I found was on various salt water sites, written by those who were fishing for game much larger than muskies  My general conclusion was, that if these materials and building methods could stand up to battles with some of the largest fish to be found in the sea, they would stand up to the rigors of fighting and landing muskies.

I started with trolling leaders using hard mono but after I discovered the ANDE fluorocarbon, I never went back.  I learned that crimping, done properly, was every bit as strong as knots if not stronger, but more importantly, it would provide strong loops more consistently than knots, especially with this thickness of fluorocarbon material.  I also learned the importance of loop protectors and how they really reduce the strain on loops.  From there I expanded my building to   single strand stainless steel.  Over a period of several years, of building, testing, giving leaders away to friends for second opinions and receiving lots of good advice in return, some of them convinced me to make them available commercially.

The methods and materials that go into Huskie Muskie Leaders are not unique.  They have been adapted from a variety of sources and in turn my designs have been copied by others.

What I believe is that Huskie Muskie Leaders have incorporated the best of materials with a melding of the best methodologies to produce the most muskie friendly leaders on the market today.  I invite you to visit or contact one of our dealers to see for yourself how good they really are.

See you on the water.

Bill Fuller

Written by Paul Didaskalou —

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