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Jay and I first crossed path's in 2013. He had purchased some of our baits from a little tackle shop in Stittsville ON called "Bits N Baits" (now closed) and needed some custom patterns. A new friendship was spawned.

As it turned out Jay has a brilliant musky mind and a passion for building some incredible 16" jointed deep diving crankbaits. On the maiden voyage of the first one he built bagged him a 57" Georgian Bay giant! Once he told me about it and showed me the picture of that monster, naturally, I needed to get my hands on a couple so in 2014 I offered up some of the newly released LSG MISSILES in exchange for a few. 

That season Jay lit up the Ottawa River catching the first ever 50+ musky on this hot new bait which turned out to be his first 50+ Ottawa River fish. This was just the beginning. By the end of the season he had caught almost as many musky as the guides were catching with 50 fish alone on one LSG MISSILE. At that point he declared to me that this bait has now become his all time favourite bucktail! 

In 2015 Jay started guiding part time and was looking to up his game even more. The wheels of a brilliant mind never stop turning! He wondered what it would be like to combine the power of a BELL with PDeez engineering? He rebuilt one of his LSG's and BIG TENS strategically adding a BELL where the lure body used to be. Moving forward Jay only used these "BELLS" when casting bucktails which was about 90% of the time. Jays outings mainly consisted of 3 to 5 fish days that season bagging fish of all sizes, however, more were predominantly larger fish with some giants in the mix. Quietly he was garnering legendary status among us that knew him or knew of him. He was out fishing everyone else on the river! Was it the addition of the BELL or coincidence? I was skeptical at first? Was it his musky smarts or the fact we all know a "HOT" musky will smash any bait in it's presence as long as it sounds and looks eatable. Time would tell the story.

According to Jay, all bells are not created equal. Fortunately, he was able to source the "right sounding" one, however, he believes that the right sounding bell was only responsible for 50% of his success. Early on in using our baits he discovered that our bucktails all make a distinct sound unlike any other bucktail, therefore, believing PDeez engineering is responsible for the other 50% of the his success on these exciting new baits! Together they were unbeatable for him!

My skepticism changed one fateful day in 2016. Jay and I were hunting the same area. Two hunters in my boat and Jay was hunting solo. We were in and out of each others spots, before and after each other throughout the day. We were using regular PDeez and he was only chucking BELLS. We didn't see a fish all day and he boated 5! That sealed the deal for me. I was not a skeptic any longer! Our baits are fish catching machines as everyone that uses them can attest to that, however, on this day it took that something extra to make them eat! We both believe that the unique sound created by these hot new baits trigger neutral musky into feeding. Two weeks after that day Jay and I were both fishing solo in different areas. I couldn't even move one and he bagged the longest musky ever caught on a PDeez...... the JM BELL LSG MISSILE prototype......this 58" monster pictured here ate on the 8!

Jay, we are ever grateful for your brilliance! Not only did you create an amazing bait, it led to an expansion of the complete PDeez line up! We are very proud and honoured in working with you in bringing these amazing hot new baits to fruition!

Thank you Jay!

PLUS: To compliment the official launch of the "Jay Morison" BELL SERIES we are also introducing the first ever flashabou BELL SPINNERBAITS (casting & trolling).


PS- here are more pictures of Jay's monster BELL muskies over the past couple of seasons!




Written by Paul Didaskalou —




July 24, 2020



July 24, 2020

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