pdeez musky inlines

53" Ottawa River Giant!

Had a great family day out with wifey and dog this past Sunday July 12th on the Ottawa River.

First we swam then we hunted for musky! Only thirty minutes into the hunt when this 53x22 big girl decided to eat a lite phaze/hex nkl BIG TEN one hour prior to moonset and the oncoming storm. Two key triggering mechanisms for musky happening at the same time. It's like winning the lottery! Audi did another outstanding giant net job like she has in the past! Thanks sweety!

Hope you enjoy the pix!



Montreal area anglers Stephane and Eric have an epic day all on PDeez Musky Inlines BIG TENS!

Nine boated fish with four of them being 50+ giants pictured below!!!!

Unimaginable for most musky anglers!?

Congratulations guys on an amazing day of musky hunting!!!!

Clikbustr Giant

The bait maker gets his first fish on the new creation!

What an amazing boat side strike in the dark!

Love the "clikbustr"!!!!

Clik, Clik.....BOOM!!!!!

A new personal best for a good friend!

What is the best gift a "musky huntress" can receive prior to having a baby?

How about a giant 50.75 x 22 new personal best! This gigantic musky ate a "herring 2.0/hex nkl" BIG TEN!

This is one of our proudest PDeez moments!

Congratulations Josee!!!!

First ever musky on a CLIKBUSTR takes a giant!

Clik, Clik.......BOOM!

That's what happened during Luc Vezina's ten or so first ever casts with the WEEDLESS CLIKBUSTR at moonset! So exciting to see the strike and net this giant for a pal!

As far as we know, this is the first musky ever caught on the exciting new bait!

Thank you Andy Pappas owner www.viciousfishes.ca for your inspiration!

Oh, it's going to be a very fun summer!

Wishing everyone a great 2015 musky hunt!



We are honoured to introduce Andy Pappas, the latest addition to the PDeez family!

Andy caught his first muskies on Ontario’s Lake Nipissing and concentrated on world-famous Georgian Bay for the first ten years of his chasing them. He then moved on to try a variety of other muskie waters around the province, from the Niagara River to the Haliburton Highlands, and from the Kawartha Lakes to the Ottawa River. He’s been catching muskies for over 30 years, but  is now back to focusing all his effort on the French River area - where its not just the fish, but also the fishing! The beautiful and interesting waters Andy targets offer a wide variety of options – from huge lakes to small creeks, from shallow and fertile to deep and clear, and from easy access to remote. In 2007 Andy started Vicious Fishes Guide Service (VFGS) and has been providing memorable fishing adventures for anglers and corporate groups ever since. Taking full advantage of the wide variety of opportunities in the French River area, VFGS offers customized fishing trips based on each client’s personal criteria for an excellent muskie fishing experience. Numbers or giants, topwaters, fly-fishing, or trolling – whatever you’re looking for in a muskie fishing trip, VFGS can deliver! Countless hours spent on his waterbodies in every season and every possible weather condition allow Andy to increase the client’s odds for success by dialing them in to proven locations and presentations based on experience. 

Not satisfied to just help clients enjoy Ontario’s great muskie fishing, Andy has also invested a lot of effort in protecting the fishery and making it even better. He’s taken part in negotiations with various stakeholders to win positive regulation changes, promoted proper catch-and-release techniques in presentations to fishing clubs, and participated in rehabilitation projects. He’s also been very active in Canada’s primary proponent of responsible management of the fishery,  Muskies Canada Inc, and was named to the organization’s Hall Of Fame in 2013. 

Over the years Andy has shared some his perspectives on muskie fishing with various print media on many occasions, and in 2014 VFGS made its TV debut with the airing of a full episode of The New Flyfisher on WFN. If you think muskies can be challenging enough on conventional tackle, try being successful with them on fly-fishing tackle! Filmed in just 3 days’ worth of fishing, the informative episode builds to a big fish climax with some of the best muskies-on-the-fly action ever seen on TV!

Welcome Andy, proud to have you on the team! 

For more information on muskie and pike fishing in the French River area with Andy Pappas of Vicious Fishes Guide Service, visit the VFGS website at www.viciousfishes.ca.




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Everyone at PDeez Musky Inlines would like to wish all our customers and friends the best health, happiness and prosperity for 2015!

Thank you for making PDeez a huge success!



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