pdeez musky inlines



  • Same as BIG TENS, except:
  • .062 stainless steel wire shaft
  • #8 clevises
  • 4.3oz  
  • NO JAM FLASH.......flashabou will never jam in the treble(s) with original hooks. This translates into a flawlessly performing inline resulting in better hook-ups & more fish in the bag!
  • Blades instantly engage once the bait starts to move!

We all know what difficulties are presented when regular weighted BIG TENS meet stronger winds! The WIND WARRIOR series was designed to aid in the prevention of birds nests while throwing these heavier weighted inlines into & around stronger wind. When the bucktail bite is on & conditions are harsh, having a few of your favourite PDeez colours in this series may be a game changer!

HOW TO ORDER: Use the top drop-down menu to select desired pattern. If you decide on a different blade combination, please use the secondary drop-down menus to select desired colours. Add to cart. Can go back to order/design other WIND WARRIORS and 'check out' when done.

All lures shown are proven big fish producing patterns and some have up to 10 additional blade combinations available. We will gladly make recommendations to any pattern...............for any occasion!

Colour options illustrated are BIG TENS.

Periodical updates will reflect new additions.

If you have any questions about any of our products, an idea for a pattern, wish to see a specific blade/body combination not shown or simply wish to order via phone 613-715-0266, fax 613-830-9163 or email pdeezmuskyinlines@gmail.com the option is yours.


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